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How do you find out about good music?

May 9, 2006

Interesting question posted by Mark Glaser at MediaShift: how do you find out about good (new) music? My answer (also posted there) is below:

I still listen to radio, but now over the Internet. Thus, I can listen to other countries music and new artists. I use mainly iTunes for online radios, but there are a bunch of other services available.

I also subscribe to some podcasts and RSS feeds, like Rolling Stone and NYT, and read some friends' (and friends of friends') blogs to read about new artists. If I find it interesting, I download some songs from a p2p network and in case I like it, I buy the CDs (old school, I still love to keep the original CDs instead of buying mp3s).

Finally, I use a lot to find new artists somewhat related to the ones I already know.

Got any suggestions? Post a comment there. And if you still didn't have a chance to read MediaShift, I highly recommend a closer look.