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Talking about mememobs…

April 13, 2006

As some of you might have noticed, Wikipedia was down for a few hours some days ago. According to the site's news portal, it was due to a power failure. Anyway, check out Mark Kirkpatrick's comment on the latest trend on mememobs, the "Wikipedia meme", and how it could be related to the downtime. I dislike this more and more everyday.


MeMeMob or “I’ve been memed!”

April 5, 2006

I don't quite get this whole "meme" thing. Not that I don't understand what the term means (or should mean, originally), but the new usage of the "tagging" thing to answer memes. What's the point of tagging other bloggers with some useless questions like the "4 things" one? A quick search on Google for "I've been memed" returns over 24K entries, most of them with inquiries like "4 places you have been", "6 weird things you do" and so on. This is probably the kind of "information piece" that won't add anything to common intelligence. Someone wrote the other day about this, saying these bloggers could be using their time to write useful stuff instead. I promise I'll try to find the link and update this post. Mark Cuban wrote about this the other day. Coudln't agree more with him.
Another example. Today I saw this guy asking others to claim him as the "Father of the Web 2.0", even though he's not. This is not only useless information, but wrong information. And worst thing is, other bloggers actually did claim him like that! Now that can be funny for us who know this is not true, but what if someone do believe that's true? If more and more people spread this, it could fool search engines (which is definitely not impossible) and lead unadvised people to believe it.

This makes me remember of some pointless flash mobs. What's the use of meeting dozens of other people and have everyone taking off their shoes at the same time, and then walk off as if it was a very cool thing to do? Ok, maybe it's just me…so I have decided from now on I'll be the "Mother of MeMeMob". Well, at least this is an original term, according to Technorati:

Technorati search for

PS: don't tag me with useless questions. As you can notice, I've been in pretty short time and I'd hate to waste it answering about my 4 favorite places. If you're mememobbing me (wow, it's pretty hard to say that aloud), please do so with something more…huh…challenging.