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Bikini Revolution

November 20, 2006

Documentary project looking for some collaboration online. From their blog:

Have you ever imagined a documentary were your personal story could be featured side by side with Halle Berry’s, Brigitte Bardot’s, Marilyn Monroe’s, Princess Leia’s and even the Pope’s?

That’s what Bikini Revolution is set out to do. The new documentary from top South American producing company Mixer, wants to tell the story of the Bikini.

And the Bikini’s history isn’t only anthological films, political actions or clothe desingners. It was women wearing the two pieces to the beach, parks or even work (why not?), that made the bikini a much popular and signifiant piece of clothing.

For that reason we want your stories to be a part of our film. Remember that girl you fell in love – yes, that girl with a polka dot bikini? Or its it your fist red bikini that is still carefully kept safe even tought it hasn’t fit you for more than 10 years?

To be a part of our documentary you only need to use you skills as videoblogger, record yourself in a webcam, miniDV or any other way you can think of telling your story. Then just send it to us!

The best stories will be featured in our documentary to be screened at french-german TV Channel ARTE and then go around the world.

Videos should be posted at: