About the content

I’ve been delaying this post since I started this blog, and the reason is that there’s not a single subject. The idea is really to put up some quick comments for discussion – “fast food for thought”. Given my technology-Internet-marketer background, it will most oftenly read about one of these things, or better yet, all of them together.
One might think I’ve got this title from Murdoch’s saying that media will become fast-food. Actually I came up with the idea one day before I read the quote. Maybe he’s right, media will become fast-food. But he misses to add: fast-food, self-service and do-it-yourself.

That’s it, folks, now done with the “about” posts. Hope you enjoy the next posts more then these first ones. “Grab” it, take it with you give it some thought. And if you feel like, come back to comment or trackback once in a while.

2 Responses to “About the content”

  1. oculos Says:

    Well, well, well, look who I’ve found… 😀
    Soooo cool to see you here!!!

  2. Davi Lima Says:

    Faz mal comentar em português? Estou aki para desconstruir sistemas 😛

    Pergunta 1) como seu curso de publicidade se relaciona com esse fast food todo? 2) E o movimento Slow Europe? :b

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