About the language

I was born at Brazil, 23 years ago. My grandfather came from Lebanon and met my Italian grandmother here. My mother’s grandmother was Spanish. I love Japanese food and I currently work for a Korean company.You may ask, then…why the hell are you blogging in English?

Well, I could think of so many good reasons about this being more “democratic” and spread to a wider audience, which are not completely false. But there are 2 other reasons. The first is that it’s easier to talk about technology in English, since everythin else is already in English. I’m not that great a translator when it comes to translating technical terms or commonly used expressions from the tech world. And least, but not last, I need to practice my English since it’s getting worse every day.

Of course some of the links and RSS feeds might be in Portuguese. If you can’t read them, try Google translation or drop me a line.


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